The Melanopeel Skin Clarity System represents a dermatological grade skincare line formulated with superior ingredients which have been rigorously tested. Our line balances highly effective alpha-hydroxy acids proven safe for darker skintones, with strong botanical science, and reinforced with superior micro-needlng technology. Our products are extensively researched and tested by our expert team of chemists, dermatologists & skincare experts. Our facilties are FDA complient and our products are manufactured under the strictest of standards.

With Melanopeel, we rely on some serious treatment protocols & devices to give you unparalleled results. Achieving clear skin is not an easy task, especially for exotic, mixed and ethnic skintones. Our system represents one which delivers exceptional results on every skin-tone.


Our Melanopeel Philosophy aims to target and control aesthetic skin conditions on a cellular level. The skin’s epidermis and dermis represent a harmonious unit comprising keratinocytes, melanocytes, collagen & elastin producing fibroblasts, oil producing sebaceous glands, nutritive capillaries and a gelatinous extracellular matrix providing electro-biochemical support to the cells.

Our system facilitates proper functioning and communication between both the dermis and the epidermis. Thus, the Melanopeel System can effectively target acne, discolorations, change skin texture and improve skin tone.

Our system is also antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, sebostatic, promotes collagen & elastin formation, and promotes favorable bio-electrical balance within the skin.