Melanopeel’s Melanocyte Electro-Modulation™ Science: The system favors cellular stimulation with micro-currents.

The Melanopeel Philosophy is further enhanced with a balance that incorporates a skincare program aimed at further amplifying cellular equilibrium.

With Melanocyte Electro-Modulation™ , we use our unique Melanoroller™ device to create electrical and mechanical  impulse stimulation of the cells.

This device is a specially crafted class 1 medical device calibrated to penetrate to the optimal depth to control hyperpigmentation and acne in darker skintones. Not only can this device mechanically affect melanin degradation and dispersion, it is also postulated  that the electro-potential gradient created between the needles amplify positive cellular responses. Harmonious cellular responses can also lessen the inflammatory effects of mediators such as leukotrienes and cytokines. Thus our Melanoroller™ encourages a more balanced interaction of melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblasts with it’s ideal inter-needle distance and width.

Our unique Melanoroller device is specially calibrated to penetrate to the optimal depths within the skin, without adversly affecting the integrity of the surface skin layers. Fot this reason, our micro-needle rollers are safe & effective to use on every skin color.