Melanopeel’s High Purity Oil Balancing Science: Melanopeel uses high purity oils for natural rebalancing of sebum production.

Each cellular unit in the body is surrounded by a fluid lipid bilayer. The skin also produces it’s own natural balance of sebum from the oil producing sebaceous glands. There exists a fine balance of oils, overproduction of which results in oily skin and contributes to acne; underproduction or stripping of the skin will result in dryness of the skin. The use of active products on the skin can also affect oil balance.

Proper oil balance is required for healthy glowing skin, and also to maintain proper hydration and moisturization. Our extensive research on oil balancing has led our team to develop 3 light-weight, ultra-pure cosmetic grade serums based on lipids which are highly nutritious, and highly compatible with our own skin:

  • Melanopeel’s unique Dermal Recover Serum is invaluable in aiding skin recovery, and balancing lipids in both dry and oily skin. This serum contains an exceptionally high purity grade of natural Argan Oil, concentrated with essential lipids which the body cannot manufacture, antioxidants and precious plant phenols, lignans and phytosterols capable of recovering skin to health. This potent serum also contains exceptionally high concentrations of linoleic acid, squalene and alpha-tocopherol.

This serum is capable of signalling the skin to decrease oil production in oily skin. How? By communicating to the skin that balanced surface oils have been replenished, the skin then begins to produce less of it’s own sebum, resulting in less oily skin.

These agents are known powerful anti-oxidants, aid in cellular turn-over, aid in skin lightening, and are anti-acne. Our  oil serums also confers mild sun protection. By maintaining and replenishing the skin’s lipid balance, the Melanopeel System is able to achieve remarkable results in skin clarity and tone.