Mandelic acid with Lactic Acid Peel


An exceptional mandelic acid peel blended with lactic acid. Formulated with Melanopeel’s superior proprietary Gel-Matrix™ technology.

Product Description

Our new gel formulation Professional 25% Mandelic Acid Peel blended with 20% Lactic acid is specially formulated and pH adjusted for compatibility with darker skintones.

NEW MANDELIC ACID/LACTIC ACID PEEL BLENDED ACID FORMULATION. Gel matrix based for faster results, more even penetration, and better coverage.
This physician grade peel is meant to give patients consistently effective results. Our secret is in the formulation – suspension of our peels in a proprietary Gel Matrix™ formula, makes it less irritating than traditional acids. This results in a safe, even peel penetration.

Our blended peel combines the synergies of both mandelic acid and lactic acid to produce highly effective results, with combined peel strengths even greater than the individual peel components.

  • It is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and melanolytic (breaks up discolorations).
  • Good for sensitive skin & rosacea-prone skin
  • Control acne (including hormonal breakouts)
  • Only 60 seconds of application needed for results
  • Smooth rough skin
  • Body peels (arms, legs, buttocks)
  • Improve acne Scars
  • Fade melasma
  • Improve uneven skintone / discolorations
  • Dissolve blackheads
  • Treat ingrown hairs
  • Reduce Razor bumps
  • Safe for all skin colors
  • Can result in mild exfoliative flaking and resurfacing of the skin
  • 2 oz bottle does 40- 50 facial peels
  • Use with our Instasoothe Mandelic Acid Peel Neutralizer
  • Read more about the science behind mandelic acid.

    Mandelic Acid

    Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid naturally derived from bitter almonds. Mandelic is derived from the German word “Mandel” for bitter almonds.

    Mandelic acid is strongly antibacterial, and with it’s high safety profile has even been used as an oral antibiotic. In the treatment of skin conditions, mandelic acid has several unique properties that make it desirable and effective in transforming the skin.

    • Mandelic acid is naturally antibacterial, and the most powerful antibacterial alpha-hydroxy acid. This is highly beneficial for patients with acne & folliculitis.
    • The molecular structure of mandelic acid is a larger than the other alpha-hydroxy acids. It therefore penetrates slower, is less irritating, and has a better safety profile.
    • Because of it’s good safety profile and low irritation potential, it can be used on very dark skin, sensitive skin, and rosacea-prone skin.
    • Mandelic acid being a hydroxy acid, loosens cell-to-cell contacts on the skin’s surface and exfoliates rough skin cells. This results in smoother, softer skin.
    • Mandelic acid decreases abnormal skin pigmentation by down-regulation of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin. The result is a more even skin tone with some skin-lightening.
    • It is also an excellent antioxidant and antiaging chemical peel.

This peel is meant for use by qualified professionals. Contact us to purchase this product –  1-(424)-245-7335