Melanopeel’s Melanin PTC™ Science: Melanopeel controls hyperpigmentation on 3 levels.

  1. Production – Melanin production involves several cascading steps. Melanopeel products contain several powerful active ingredients capable of blocking some these production pathways within the melanocyte. These include tyrosinase inhibitors and antioxidants able to neutralize highly reactive o-quinone intermediates in melanin production.
  2. Transfer – After melanin production, each melanocyte is capable of transferring melanin to as many as 30 keratinocyte cells within the skin’s epidermis. Melanopeel products can affect this transfer with ingredients known to disrupt the melanocyte dendritic ability to effectively transfer melanin granules to keratinocytes.
  3. Clearance – Efficient clearance of melanin from the skin involves several  processes including increased epidermal turnover, and also degradation of melanin within the keratinocytes. Melanin is contained in discrete granules within the keratinocytes, and enzymatic degradation is known to occur more slowly in darker skintones. By stimulating rapid cellular turnover, the Melanopeel System effects positive changes in the epidermis at all cell layers –  exfoliation of the upper layer keratinocytes containing excess melanin AND positive stimulation of the basal layer which produces brand new cells.