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Melanopeel’s Melanin PTC™ Science: Melanopeel controls hyperpigmentation on 3 levels.

  1. Production – Melanin production involves several cascading steps. Melanopeel products contain several powerful active ingredients capable of blocking some these enzymatic production pathways within the melanocyte. These include botanical tyrosinase inhibitors and antioxidants able to neutralize highly reactive o-quinone intermediates in melanin production.
  2. Transfer – After melanin production, each melanocyte is capable of transferring melanin to as many as 30 keratinocyte cells within the skin’s epidermis. Melanopeel products can affect this transfer with ingredients known to disrupt the melanocyte dendritic ability to effectively transfer melanin granules to keratinocytes.
  3. Clearance – Efficient clearance of melanin from the skin involves several  processes including increased epidermal turnover, and also degradation of melanin within the keratinocytes. Melanin is contained in discrete granules within the keratinocytes, and enzymatic degradation is known to occur more slowly in darker skintones. By stimulating rapid cellular turnover, the Melanopeel System effects positive changes in the epidermis at all cell layers –  exfoliation of the upper layer keratinocytes containing excess melanin AND positive stimulation of the basal layer which produces brand new cells.

The Melanopeel Philosophy is further enhanced with a balance that incorporates a skincare program aimed at further amplifying cellular equilibrium.

With Melanocyte Electro-Modulation™ , we use our unique Melanoroller™ device to create electrical and mechanical  impulse stimulation of the cells.

This device is a specially crafted class 1 medical device calibrated to penetrate to the optimal depth to control hyperpigmentation and acne in darker skintones. Not only can this device mechanically affect melanin degradation and dispersion, it is also postulated  that the electro-potential gradient created between the needles amplify positive cellular responses. Harmonious cellular responses can also lessen the inflammatory effects of mediators such as leukotrienes and cytokines. Thus our Melanoroller™ encourages a more balanced interaction of melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblasts with it’s ideal inter-needle distance and width.

Our unique Melanoroller device is specially calibrated to penetrate to the optimal depths within the skin, without adversly affecting the integrity of the surface skin layers. Fot this reason, our micro-needle rollers are safe & effective to use on every skin color.

The etiology of acne is multifactorial. Genetics, hormones, oil production, bacteria and inflamed clogged pores are the most important factors involved in comedone formation. The Melanopeel System effectively  targets the controllable components of acne – bacteria, oil production, inflammation, and clogged pores. The beauty in our system lies in it’s ability to ALSO control and fade the dark hyperpigmented scars that result from acne inflammation. SKIN PROTECTION, BARRIER FUNCTION & REPAIR are greatly reflected in our acne protocols.

By carefully combining a regime incorporating actives like mandelic acid, retinols, tretinoin, tranexamic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, microneedling, and anti-inflammatory botanicals, we have created a system capable of precision targeting of acne on multiple levels, while encouraging healthy functioning skin.

Each cellular unit in the body is surrounded by a fluid lipid bilayer. The skin also produces it’s own natural balance of sebum from the oil producing sebaceous glands. There exists a fine balance of oils, overproduction of which results in oily skin and contributes to acne; underproduction or stripping of the skin will result in dryness of the skin. The use of active products on the skin can also affect oil balance.

Proper oil balance is required for healthy glowing skin, and also to maintain proper hydration and moisturization. Our extensive research on oil balancing has led our team to develop light-weight, ultra-pure cosmetic grade serums based on lipids which are highly nutritious, and highly compatible with our own skin:

  • Our barrier membrane repair replenishers are concentrated with essential lipids which the body cannot manufacture, antioxidants and precious plant phenols, lignans and phytosterols capable of recovering skin to health. This potent serum also contains exceptionally high concentrations of linoleic acid, squalene and alpha-tocopherol.

These serums are capable of signaling the skin to decrease oil production in oily skin. How? By communicating to the skin that balanced surface oils have been replenished, the skin then begins to produce less of it’s own sebum, resulting in less oily skin.

These agents are known powerful anti-oxidants, aid in cellular turn-over, aid in skin lightening, and are anti-acne. Our  oil serums also confers mild sun protection. By maintaining and replenishing the skin’s lipid balance, the Melanopeel System is able to achieve remarkable results in skin clarity and tone.

Asian White Tea :- White green tea is a more powerful antioxidant than it’s green tea counterpart, with anti-inflammatory polyphenols & methylxanthines. Soothes skin, is anti-aging, and fights environmental free radicals.

Cannabinoids :- We incorporate THC-FREE cannabinoid oils into some of our formulations for anti-inflammatory effects due to the effects of plant terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and plant proteins.

Niacinamide :-  This ingredient is derived from Vitamin B3, and is found naturally in all cells. This is a potent anti-aging, stimulates collagen, is a skin lightening agent,  and also moisturizes the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help to control acne.

Resveratrol :- A potent anti aging antioxidant derived from grapes. It fights skin aging free radicals, and is also a known antimicrobial agent.

Kojic Acid :- An effective natural skin lightener discovered in Japan, and derived from a native mushroom. It is also an antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compound.

Licorice Root :- This Mediterranean root is well known for its regenerative, anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant properties. It is also a powerful natural inhibitor of melanogenesis and skin lightener.

Mulberry Leaf :- A traditional Chinese herb concentrated with sterols, flavenoids, and free-radical fighting antioxidants. It also contains the natural skin lightening agent arbutin which decreases skin pigmentation.

Bearberry :- Another potent anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial botanical. It is also a proven skin lightener containing the active ingredient arbutin, which evens skintone.

Macadamia Nut :- This wonderful Hawaiian oil has an excellent balance of plant phytosterols which is similar to the lipids found in human skin. It is highly anti-oxidant and protective.

Argan Oil :- A magical skin oil from Northern Africa. It replenishes the lipid layer of the skin, and rapidly helps skin recover. It is strongly antioxidant and works well with acne prone skin. It can also be used in the hair.

Mandelic Acid :- From bitter almonds has proven to be a truly amazing discovery. It is anti-bacterial and suppresses hyperpigmentation. It can also be safely used on darker skintones, and is a less irritating alpha-hydroxy acid for sensitive skin. It smooths skin, and effectively treats acne, sun-damage and skin discolorations.

Azelaic Acid :- This active is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Tranexamic Acid :- An anti-inflammatory barrier membrane repair molecule, also capable of reducing skin hyperpigmentation.

Lactic Acid :- A gentle acid exfoliator and skin lightener derived from milk. This peel works well for darker skin-tones and mature skin, and treats uneven skin-tone, sun damage, acne, and gives you smoother radiant skin.

Pomegranate :-A very powerful antioxidant with concentrated levels of vitamin C, potassium, and plant polyphenols ellagitannins and anthocyanins. These are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and can also provide sun protection.

Aloe Vera :- a potent healer, with soothing and anti-aging effects.

Witch Hazel :- A traditional natural anti-acne ingredient and oil controlling astringent. This botanical can be used on sensitive skin, and helps in healing.

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