Dermal Recover Serum


Product Description

Our Dermal Recover Serum is 100% ultra-pure certified organic Argan Oil.

  • Our Dermal Recovery serum helps you restore your skin with a nutritionally rich blend of essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin F, and potent anti-oxidants.
  • Dermal Recovery serum is a natural oil regulator and anti-inflammatory treatment for acne, acne scars, stretchmarks and aging skin.
  • Dermal Recovery Serum contains high purity argan oil also confers mild sun protection through it’s high carotenoid and xanthophyll content.
  • Use Dermal Recovery Serum daily to revitalize the skin’s membranes, especially after skin peeling and microneedling treatments.
  • Helps restore the precious skin’s barrier membrane.
  • Use on rosacea-prone & sensitive skin.
  • Argan Oil is a known and proven elixir for healthy skin, nails and hair.
  • You can also use our pure liquid gold Argan Oil serum as a makeup base and eye serum.

Directions: After cleansing, toning, peels or microneedling apply 2 drops of serum to face. This serum can also be used to aid microneedling.

 *Packaging may vary from image depending on geographic location

1 oz or 2 oz.


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