Skin Renewal Mask


Product Description

A skin detoxifying enzymatic treatment for weekly use.

  • Our Skin Renewal Mask is a deeply detoxifying treatment that disintegrates and removes dead skin through a powerful enzymatic reaction of three enzymes – bromelain, papain, and cucurbita pepo enzyme.
  • Proprietary BarrierDerm™ Technology protects and heals damaged skin.
  • Tea tree oil helps with reducing skin inflammation and skin soothing.
  • Skin renewal is enhanced naturally through the microscopic resurfacing of the skin.
  • Bentonite & sea clays draw skin impurities from the pores.
  • Can be used to hasten removal of excess dead skin after traditional chemical peels.
  • Asian green tea and botanicals reduce inflammation, and organic oils moisturize and repair the skin with bio-identical lipids.
  • Helps restore the skin’s barrier membrane.
  • This nourishing renewal treatment is recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea-prone skin, acne-prone skin, all skin types, and accelerates post-peel skin shedding.

Directions: Cleanse with physician-recommended Melanopeel® cleanser. Apply treatment to skin for 15 minutes and remove with a warm wash cloth. Use 1-3 times weekly.

2 oz.

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