TCA Mandelic Renewal Serum


Product Description

A powerful anti-acne TCA serum for home use. For the treatment of face & body acne, discolorations, sun-damage, and razor bumps.

A potent TCA serum for acne & anti-aging. This serum penetrates to quickly for fast cellular renewal with TCA, lactic & mandelic acid. Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) peptides balance and repair the skin’s barrier function to leave skin with a fresh, elegant glow.

This serum is pH balanced to penetrate and quickly target & repair discolorations, pigmentation, large pores, razor bumps, & oily skin.

Significantly improve:

    •  * Acne
    •  * Rough skin
    •  * Acne scars
    •  * Melasma
    •  * Uneven skintone
    •  * Skin discolorations
    •  * Aging skin / wrinkles
    •  * Sun damage
    •  * Blackheads / whiteheads
    •  * Ingrown hairs & razorbumps (face, bikini)
    •  * Face & body use.

Directions: Use as directed by Doctor. Cleanse gently. Apply serum to skin, and allow to infuse. Safe for face, neck and body. Caution: External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use and consult your physician if irritation occurs. Keep away from children. Sunburn alert: All alpha/beta-hydroxy acid products should be used with a daily UVA/UVB protective sunscreen.

 Sunburn alert: Use daily SPF 30+ mineral sunscreen when using this product.


1 oz.

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